I borrowed a Victoria Glimåkra vävstol and my last weavings are made on that loom. It is a simple loom and I do miss my Öxabäck loom. I will soon be able to show my latest work. 

And in the meantime I decided on a tapestry loom and I have purchased a Zeus Mirrix Loom! It will be a new big step into my tapestry weaving. I feel very excited and look forward to work with it. 

As from the 4th of July 2019 I moved to Ulricehamn in Sweden.

Rineke Vermeulen Wängerstedt - RVW
Rinekes Handwerk : Avenboksgatan 2a, 523 40 Ulricehamn, Sweden. 0046 (0)705 928 706     rinekeshandwerk@gmail.com